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New Mullards: Fact or Fiction

8/19/1999 2:50 AM
Rob W.
New Mullards: Fact or Fiction
I was just lookin around at the Tubestore ( and noticed that they are selling "brand spankin' new" Mullards. (12AX7's)  
Is this a true? Are they being made again? (we hope)  
Or should the Tubestore watch how they word NOS!?  
Anxiously Waiting,  
Rob W. ;-)  
8/19/1999 1:20 PM
AFAIK, Mullard isn't making any new tubes.  
8/19/1999 1:22 PM

If Mullard was making new tunes I'd be "all up in that" as they say now-n-dayz.  
I seriously doubt they are like the originals. I could be mistaken and I hope I am!! I'd love to see a large supply of them avalible.  
8/20/1999 1:39 AM

I'm sure" TARGET="_top"> didn't mean to suggest that the" TARGET="_top">Mullards they have on sale this month are of new manufacture. The tubes are NOS, and the exact quote from the page in question reads:  
"Brand new Mullard ECC83 / 12AX7. Need we say more? Available at a sale price until August 31."  
This page is normally only accessible from the "" TARGET="_top">NOS Treasures" section of their site, but they put in a direct link to it from the front page this month because the tubes are on sale. There is a link on the page itself that says "" TARGET="_top">More NOS Treasures", though.  
Disclaimer: If you visit" TARGET="_top"> using any of the links above and make a purchase while you're there, AMPAGE does get a small commission on the sale. I hope this doesn't make my comments seem biased. ;)  
8/20/1999 3:01 AM
Rob W.

Thanks for dispelling the myth! ;-)  
Rob W.
8/22/1999 2:48 PM

"I hope this doesn't make my comments seem biased. ;)"
Never! You are as unbiased as it gets tboy.  
8/25/1999 2:35 PM
Uncle Ned

I can't imagine *them* peddling fakes for $45.95, anyway!  
I would note that the Mullard brand name is currently property of Richardson Electronics, Ltd, who has used  
the name on Russian tubes (AAMOF, I have a couple "Mullard"  
Sovtek 6V6-GT's here). They also own the Amperex brand name.  
This isn't's fault, but given the circumstances I can understand why someone would want to  
double-check on the stuff...

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