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5881 power tubes for my Bassman - where?

8/15/1999 6:52 PM
5881 power tubes for my Bassman - where?
I'm sure this has been asked a zillion times but I don't have the info and I never bought tubes before.  
Can I please get suggestions for reputable dealers with fair prices for 5881 tubes?  
Hopefully they are on the net so I can order online.  
How much should I expect to pay for these tubes?  
8/15/1999 8:49 PM

I know there are other on-line dealers, but I've used 'KCA NOS Tubes' and had no problems dealing with them.  
BTW, if you decide that NOS 5881's are too expensive, try Phillips 6L6WGBs. I was very satisfied with a pair of these.  
Dave R.
8/15/1999 9:43 PM

Well, just as I posted it, I noticed the Tube store advertised here!  
They have very good prices. I think I will try them. I mean, if AMPAGE advertises them, they must be OK.  
8/17/1999 2:11 PM

Just in the interest of comparison shopping,  
check out  
Looks like the best price I've seen on 6L6WGB's  
Also check out  
... Whit

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