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Rack Mount Fender Reverb Unit (6G15) Project

8/11/1999 6:51 PM
Rack Mount Fender Reverb Unit (6G15) Project
I'll start building Fender Reverb Unit  
I want to build it in 1U Rack  
In this case...  
I thing most problem coming from components size.  
especially Power and Choke Tranny  
in power tranny.. I think Torroidal tranny will  
fit 1u rack...  
but I heard torridal not good for guitar amp type  
I need your opinion...  
and Choke... What can I do?  
is there any method to build power section without choke?  
if it possible is it alter the tone?  
any advice for my project please..  
8/17/1999 4:42 PM

You may be able to lay the stock transformer and choke on their side, and mount to chassis via an "L" bracket. Take it one step further, partition off the power supply section from the rest of the circuit.  
Where will you mount the reverb tank?
8/18/1999 1:59 PM
Steve M.

I was thinking of making a stereo version of Kevin O'Connor's reverb project in Tonnes of Tone and putting it in a 2U high rack case. I test fitted the reverb tanks and they will fit if bolted to the upper rails of the rackmount case I have. I know this would work, but are there any problems I should watch for?
8/18/1999 2:54 PM
J Fletcher
If you're going to use this on stage, put the rev tank as close to the floor as possible, they are very sensitive to vibration and the higher they are off the floor, the more clanging you get..Jerry
8/20/1999 5:52 PM

In light of Jerry's advice, you may be able to mount the tank on the floor of your usual speaker cabinet, in a way that will be acoustically dampened.  
I always wanted to do this with a modified Bassman head. There isn't any room in that short cabinet to mount a tank (I know, Boogie does it by recessing the tank through the base of the head cabinet, but they use sturdier plywood. If you cut out a bassman lower panel it's sure to break on the first drop.). I figured that the reverb cables and the speaker cable would run between the amp & speaker cabinet.
8/20/1999 11:09 PM
Well I've done just that very thing on a couple of amps I've built. Connected the rev pan with a cable that terminated with an XLR connector. 3 pins, send, return, shield. Did one using a stereo phone jack, but was afraid of mixing up the speaker and the rev connections. The pan end stays connected all the time. But I'm using an open back cabinet, so that makes it easier, I just gather the rev cable up into the back...Jerry

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