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Bruno 30 Underground vs. Pete Cage 18/30

8/11/1999 7:54 AM
Bruno 30 Underground vs. Pete Cage 18/30
Bruno 30 Underground vs. Pete Cage 18/30  
Of these two amps: Are they generally in the same league as one another? Or is one of a superior class? Explain the sonic difference of the two EL84 Amps?
8/11/1999 8:46 AM

I dont suppose you have schematics/info for these amps, do you ? I am working on a four el-84 amp and am bitten by the ac-30 bug as it were...
8/13/1999 3:47 AM
The Underground30 is basically a stand-alone Fender reverb unit running into a VoxAC30 in one head. Cool idea! Doubt you'll find a drawn schematic unless someone bothered to trace one.. Tony builds his amps off the top of his head! (no schematics needed...)
8/12/1999 8:59 AM

No, I dont have schematics/info for these amps.

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