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Matchless Spitfire vs G. Weber Line Out

8/10/1999 10:32 PM
Joe Z. Matchless Spitfire vs G. Weber Line Out
I am interested in using my ext. jack on my 5E3 deluxe as a line out that can be used to plug into a house PA if need be. So far, I 've looked at the one on the Spitfire schematic, and the one outlined in G. Weber's book. Any experience with these? They both only seem to use just 2 resistors. Thanks, Joe
8/11/1999 2:07 AM

I used the Weber version (which is pretty standard from what I've read) on a Champ and it worked just fine.
8/11/1999 12:57 PM
Steve Jones

I used the one on the Sunn Model T (also two resistors). It seems to work OK.  
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