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Jensen p12Q Concert series

8/10/1999 9:50 PM
Mike Ramirez
Jensen p12Q Concert series
Howdy! I have a pair of Jensen P12Q Alnico 5 Concert Series speakers from an old PA. They have little transformers mounted on them. I have two questions;  
1. What is the difference between these and the Special design speakers found in old Fenders?  
2. What were those transformers for and are they useful for anything?  
Thanks guys for all your information. I have learned so much at this site  
Mike R  
8/11/1999 5:42 PM
Carl B.
These old Jensen P12Qs will probably sound like dynamite in your Fender, whereas the Special Designs are, well, ehm, OK.  
Those little tranny deelybobs on the speakers are probably 70V trannies, a scheme which works well in old house-wired PA applications.  
Disconnect those old trannys and measure the resistance across the speaker leads. That's probably 3/4 of the impedance of the speaker, if my old Jensens are a good comparison point.  
- Carl B.
8/12/1999 11:47 PM
Mike Ramirez

Thanks for the reply. It is good to know that these speakers are as good or better thatn the ones designed for Fender. I am currently using a P12P with my pre-CBS Bassman and it sounds great. I know the wattage is fairly low so I don't turn it up past 3 (which is loud enough anyways). Any thoughts on a higher wattage speaker that might sound similar to the P12P? Then I can turn it on 10 when my wife is away and enjoy bliss for a while.  
Thanks, Mike
8/13/1999 3:12 PM
Carl B.
I should temper that "the Fender Special Design speaker are, ehm, OK" with "from my experiences with mine."  
Maybe Fender had a lot of different suppliers for those "Special Designs," maybe yours is a Jensen while mine is an Eminence or something. I'm not a Fender speaker expert by any means!  
As far as larger wattage fun, take a good long look at Ted Weber's speakers:  

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