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comments on amp design

8/10/1999 3:41 AM
Carl Z
comments on amp design
Howdy everybody;  
I'm somewhat in the preliminary stages of working up a new amp. For what I've got this sucker should rock the house big time! Just looking for comments, suggestions, or pointing out no-brainers on what i've cooked up so far. Nothing is carved in granite yet so feel free to criticize the thing to death. The partial schematic is at the following URL  
Regards and thanks in advance for any criticism  
Carl Z  
Summit Amps  
8/10/1999 12:45 PM

I'm assuming that the effects send/return jacks normal together so the signal gets into the power amp that way - the schemo wasn't clear on that.  
The preamp is very similar to one I did a couple of years ago, and also very similar to O'Connor's London Power standard preamp.  
Should sound pretty good. You might want to stick in a large grid stopper into the input to the first tube section in the distortion channel. I had to do that to keep mine stable. It was sensitive to capacitive strays there - but of course that could have been the layout in mine.
8/11/1999 6:20 PM
It does look like it would great! Build it and see what she sounds like, then post an audio file.  
way to go!  
8/12/1999 1:19 AM
Carl Z

Trace and R.G.  
This design came about after a ton of feedback with the same basic complaint, "....i wish you had a clean tone available without having to reach over and mess with the amp" and vice versa of course. This scheme should give you a lot of options as to how you want to configure each channel  
The tricky part here is to keep it point to point and not run out of real estate. I'm not a big fan of can capacitors but I may be forced to use them to keep the layout clean and the size of the enclose down.  
Another thing that I didn't put on the schematic is the use of relay channel switching. I think I'm going to use something along the lines of using a separate transformer off the AC mains. the Dumble layout looks like a nice setup and shouldn't be too hard to implement.  
The hot ticket would probably be bjts or fets run off a low voltage secondary tap to fire the relay. But that would require custom wound trannies and I really don't want to go that route just yet. I've always used the trannies from Magic Parts with outstanding results. The price is really right too.  
Carl Z  
Summit Amps  
P.S. With some minor modifications this might even make a killer Bassman 50 mod!

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