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EF86+6bm8 audio samples

8/7/1999 2:36 AM
Chris Hurley
EF86+6bm8 audio samples
I've been working on a little EF86 and 6bm8 amp lately under the AX84 umbrella. I recently made a little recording of it and thought some folks might be interested...  
Right now, its an EF86 -> gain pot -> 12ax7 triode -> 6bm8 triode set up as cathodyne PI -> 6bm8 PP pair ->Hammond 125E.  
The amp is pretty clean right now because I have large cathode resistors on the preamp stages, but you might get an idea.  
Heres the clip from the AX84 message:  
Well, heres a sample of my reworked EF86+6bm8 amp.  
I added a 12ax7 gain stage with a 33k cathode resistor and no bypass and changed my EF86 cathode resistor to 33k also. I'm planning to put a CF tone stack and reduce the value of those resistors a big to bring the level back up after the tone stack loss and to add a little more distortion. in MP3 format (see for more info). around 380k.  
0:00 cleanish stuff  
0:15 amp dirty  
0:19 Boss DS1 dirty  
0:24 amp clean/dirty  
0:26 diode pair added w/ no other changes, notice the volume change!  
0:34 amp dirty  
8/7/1999 1:50 PM
Chris Hurley

If the file is garbled when you download it, try this URL for a program to fix it up:

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