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'68 Vibrolux Reverb Questions

8/6/1999 3:28 PM
Doug '68 Vibrolux Reverb Questions
Can anyone offer suggestions for replacement speakers for this amp. I'm not particularly fond of the Oxfords that came with the amp.  
Also, can you tell me what the tube chart should read? AA964 or AA864.
8/6/1999 4:46 PM
Tim C.

I have used all of the following 10" speakers and they all sound good. It depends on what you are looking for. You might want to first start with deciding what it is about the Oxfords that you don't like. Oxfords can tend to sound a little flabby in the low end. Many people like the Oxford sound because it has a very loose and played in feeling.  
Here is a list of possible good sounding replacements, keep  
in mind this is only my opinion!! We all know the old saying about opinions,don't we?!  
Jensen reissue P10R Alnico, Jensen C10Q reissue,Celestion Vintage 10, Eminence 10CS (economical), and Celestion G10S50. I don't particularly care for the Eminenece 10" Alnico's only because of reliability problems.  
Best regards! Tim C.
8/6/1999 6:18 PM

Doug: I have a '71 VR and right now I've got the Jensen reissue C10Q's in mine. The more I play the C10Q's, the more I like them! They have an excellent bottom end and a sweet sound in my VR. For the money, you can't go wrong with the Jensen IMHO.  

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