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Peavey C30 problem

8/6/1999 7:47 AM
Peavey C30 problem
I just recently bought a peavey classic 30 (used), and yesterday I noticed a problem.  
When I have used the amp for say one hour, the clean channel will "automagically" switch over to the high-gain channel. After this the foot switch is useless (I can still switch between the channels with the channel selector on the amp). The reverb foot switch still works though.  
After the amp has been turned off for a while the foot switch works again for a while.  
Heat related? Any suggestions/solutions? Is this a common c30 problem or am I on my own?  
8/7/1999 4:20 AM
Steve A.

    It sounds like a bad solder joint or possibly a cracked hinged jumper wire between the boards. (I had a problem almost identical to that, only it was with the relay I added to switch in the modded boost mode. I kept thinking that it was a relay problem and kept swapping them out until I noticed that tone controls didn't work right after the amp heated up for about 15 minutes. The solder joint in question looked great but it can be tricky working on a pcb...)  
    Good luck!  
Steve Ahola  
P.S. Unless you are really knocked out with the Classic 30 OD sounds you ought to look into the "tweed bassman" mods from David Becker that I posted on my site (look on the Articles page). The original tweed bassman mods were for my Classic 50 but David translated them over to his Classic 30 and we both like the raw vintage tones we are getting from our amps (instead of the Mesa-wannabe sounds from the stock OD channel). Or you might want to wait awhile and see if I decide to morph my Classic 30 into a Dumble Overdrive Special for a completely different twist...

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