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What happened to the Vox Showroom?

8/5/1999 10:49 PM
Frank Carvalho
What happened to the Vox Showroom?
It seems to have disappeared. What happened there?
8/5/1999 10:58 PM

There was a posted note at the alternate site that said that postings had gotten too nasty, a few ruined it for the many, etc, etc. Your guess is as good as mine for what that means.
8/5/1999 11:43 PM
John Stokes
Wow, at least you can't blame that one on me!! BTW, what's the URL of that board?  
8/6/1999 1:08 PM

I didn't see much in the way of scurrilous attacks and vendettas there. I wondered immediately if that was the real reason. Oh, well, doesn't matter. It's gone.
8/9/1999 11:01 AM
Frank Carvalho
There were a couple of nasty threads, and apparantly Duane Wayne chose to shut it down. Maybe a bit overreacted, but it was his decision. However the disappeareance of the bbc collided with an erroneous disappearance of the entire site. The site (without the bbc) is back again now. For your information, John, it's  
Check it out. It's the coolest site on the net.
8/9/1999 4:18 PM
John Stokes
Thanks for the info, Frank.  
Re "nasty" threads, IMO, "nasty" is in the eye of the beholder. Some of these webmasters seem to have a more sensitive threshold than most, and may over-react. In this particular case with Vox, I can't comment because I did not see the threads in question, but I've heard that they really weren't all *that* bad. Who knows?? At least they can't blame that one on me!!!  

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