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Re: DIY Deluxe complete!! Now on to Speakers

8/6/1999 3:54 AM
Steve M.
Re: DIY Deluxe complete!! Now on to Speakers
>>For a great crunch tone, a Celestion G12-70 is a great new  
>>speaker in a tweed Deluxe btw.  
Wow, you said something complementary about the G12-70. I thought I was the only one that liked them :)  
8/6/1999 8:59 PM

Anybody ever tried a 15" speaker in a 5E3 circuit? If I ever get my tweed deluxe project started, I was going to use an old Magnavox alnico 15 i have laying around.  
Just curious  
8/8/1999 4:26 AM

I've got a generic Eminence 15" in a 4 cu. ft. cab and it sounds great with everything included my DIY 5E3.
8/6/1999 7:42 PM

If you are thinking of putting a Blue Bulldog ($300) in your deluxe the best bet would be the Weber Blue Dog($135). I put two of these in my AC30 clone and they sing like crazy. If England is what you want, here it is.  
Don't worry about power ratings on the Bulldogs too much.  
I have heard of people who put those speakers in Twins and such just to get a little more distorted sound. I doubt a tweed deluxe would blow a Vox BB.  
8/6/1999 9:09 PM
Steve K
I put a Vintage 30 in my DIY Deluxe and like it  
alot. For output tranny I'm using a 15 watt  
Hammond which probably is contributing heavily  
to the tone. It sounds real Vox/Matchless with  
that classic ceramic crunch.  
I'm going to try a Weber Blue Dog though for  
grins to see if I prefer a decent Alnico type in  
this amp...  
Steve K
8/6/1999 10:27 PM
Joe Z
I bit the bullet and ordered a Celestion Bulldog. It cost me around $225. I wanted this partcular amp to be my "only the best is good enough amp". For my next trick, I want to make a champ using a baking pan, with all the components twisted together ala true "pont to point". I hope the speaker lives up to the hype, but in any case I'll post my findings.  
8/6/1999 10:41 PM
I can't stand (IMO) a "single" speaker!...I run my homebrews thru 4X12 cabs!...CELESTION 75's!...try it, you'll "like-it"!...5E3 DELUXE...

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