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Re: DIY Deluxe complete!! Now on to Speakers

8/7/1999 1:09 AM
Joe Z Re: DIY Deluxe complete!! Now on to Speakers
Hold on there young fella, you have to admit that the portability factor is pretty alluring. Plus, having one speaker to mic simplifies life for recording. But I do get your drift, single speaker combos often sound, well- boxy.
8/9/1999 2:37 PM

My 5E3 clone sounds great through a single weber P12Q, but absolutely sings thru my 4x12 cab loaded with ceramic blue dogs!
8/8/1999 12:20 PM

DON'T get a Jensen Re-Issue P12R. Very brittle and piercing.  
I have an original Jensen P12R (reconed), but still sound great.  
I also have a Weber P12R. They do sound similar. I'd say the Weber excells in lower to slightly dirty volumes. The original Jensen excells on "12" volume.  
For the price though (about $85), the Weber is hard to beat.  
8/9/1999 2:52 AM

I have found that the new Jensen reissue AlNiCo speakers take quite a while to break in and warm up.  
The Jensen reissue that sounds very good right out of the box is the C10Q, and the C12N is not too far behind.  
After many hours the Jensen AlNiCO speakers will warm up and the harshness does get much better.  
Same thing with most of Ted's WeberVST speakers, only they are made twice as good as the Italian Jensen reissues.  

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