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DIY Deluxe complete!! Now on to Speakers

8/5/1999 2:42 AM
Joe Z. DIY Deluxe complete!! Now on to Speakers
After regularly checking this page, and with the help of everyone here, my 1st DIY is up and running- the ever popular tweed deluxe.  
I'm interested in using a celestion/vox vintage blue as the speaker. Aside from the sparse, yet glowing reviews in one the guitar mags, is anyone here familiar with this very expensive speaker? I heard that using it is a well known mod for the deluxe. Will it make sound brittish or something? Joe P.S. I won't buy an amp again.
8/5/1999 3:38 AM
Benjamin Fargen

The best bang for the buck would be a 12" Mojo MP12R. I think it is a nice and warm match for your newly built DIY tweed deluxe. I know some guys like celestion speakers  
in Fender circuits.........I don't......I guess I'm just a purist snob when it comes to keeping Celestions where they english style circuits!!  
(please note the light hearted feel of this hate mail please) Ha ha!  
Have fun with your new toy,  
8/6/1999 6:11 AM
Benjamin Fargen
I retract my comment about using celestions in Fender type circuits........what I meant to say is that "I don't like english circuits without using a celestion style speaker". I plugged an MP10R up to my VOX and it sounded horrible.  
As for celestions in a tweed deluxe.......I really can't say, I have never tried it.  
Sorry for the confusion, my fingers were faster than my mind...scary!  
8/5/1999 11:30 AM
Re: DIY Deluxe complete!! Now on to Speakers
Hey Joe,  
Where ya going with that....oh, sorry!  
Good work on the Deluxe!  
I -personally- wouldn't put a celestion Bulldog in there, simply because it won't be very robust at that power level. It's only a 15W speaker. Oh, and the local price in Oz of $799 per piece puts me off a bit too. :^o  
If you lean toward that style of speaker, get a Weber. In fact, no matter what you want in terms of tone, I'd suggest a Weber. I *am* kind of biassed though, and the Mojo that someone else suggested is maybe a good bet for a relatively low asking $..  
Just my HO, of course.  
8/5/1999 12:43 PM

I just sold my Mojotone MP12R (that I was using in my DIY 5E3) and have ordered a Weber CA12. The Mojo was OK but it just didn't "do it" for me. I'm currently playing it thru a 2x12 closed back with Celestion G12M-70s and I like it better than the Mojo. For whatever reason, I think the Mojo sounded better with my Pro Jr. than the Deluxe.
8/5/1999 5:21 PM
Once you're in the >$100 arena, I'd personally look into buying a *well* reconed "original, say like an old Jensen or an old Celestion. You could try Gregg @ Vintage Amp restoration if you like.  
For a great crunch tone, a Celestion G12-70 is a great new speaker in a tweed Deluxe btw.  
I think the VOX is a fantastic speaker but I'd worry too much about blowing it to have a good time! ($300.. ouch!)  
For about half that you can buy a number of old Jensen or new (or old) Celestions which will work great IMO.  
If you want that good old time "US" tone, there is nothing out there that can touch a real vintage Jensen IMHO.
8/6/1999 3:00 AM
I agree with Speed. I have Jensen P12P's in both of my Deluxe reverbs. These are the bell cap alnico magnet 40 watt speakers. Gives lots of great bottom end and all without sacraficing mids and highs. I bought mine from The man is really knowledgable on speakers and his prices are reasonable. Good luck and congrats on the amp.  

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