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Bassman 10

8/4/1999 3:51 AM
Bassman 10
Anybody have a layout schematic for a Bassman 10 @ 70 watts? I would also be interested in any mods that could be done to this amp to make it sound better. It has the 4-10 speaker configuration. Is this amp worthwhile modding? Thanks for the help guys. If you have the layout schematic I'd appreciate it if you could e-mail it to me. Thanks in advance.  
8/4/1999 3:55 AM
John Stokes
Since these amps are pretty useless for bass, they're open-season for modders. Just don't do serious Black and Decker work on the front and rear panels, and no Torres crap. You can gut it and put in a Bassman circuit. Change the speakers while you're at it.  
8/5/1999 12:42 AM
So basically what you are saying is the amp is pretty much a turd and I'm better off gutting it and putting in a bassman circuit. It will be a powerful bassman with 70 watts. I was kind of wondering about that too. How can they get 70 watts out of two 6L6's? I had also thought about a vibrolux circuit? Any thoughts?  
8/5/1999 12:54 AM
John Stokes
Those 70 Watters (and the 135 Watt Twin/Showman) used ultralinear output stages. The 6L6 screens are tied to taps on the OT primary. Personally, I don't care for that circuit.  
Yes, go ahead and gut it and put in whatever floats your boat. Just don't hack-butcher the front and rear panels. No Torres crap.  
8/6/1999 11:34 PM
Cliff Sadler

I've got the 50w version of this amp, and I'm trying to  
figure out what chassis they used. Looks kinda like  
an AB763, but with a SS rectifier, and no 12AX7A vibrato  
or reverb.  
2 7025's, not 3, and 2 6L6's  
Chassis marking is A743691  
be sure to copy me via email at  
8/18/1999 1:54 AM

Well guys I got the bassman 10 off and running. I changed the bias from the balanced to the adjustable type. I also eliminated the the hum adjustment and put 100 ohm resistors on each filiment leg. Made the amp sound great. One other thing I did that came from Torres is the use of the mica cap instead of the ceramic in the tone section. The guy that owned the amp wanted it a bit cleaner and that mica cap got me an extra number on the clean side with a really nice grainy distortion once you went past 5. Before it was on 4 when it did that. Anyway the amp sounds good and thanks again.  
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