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Line/Recording jack question

8/3/1999 2:28 PM
CJ Landry
Line/Recording jack question
I posted a question at the Fender discussion page about using the Line/Recording Jack on the back of my Twin Reverb for going directly into a snake box from this jack. I got a great response from Steve Dallman which stated that this can be done w/o problems but the sound, at the mixer, will suck if there is not some tone conditioning done before it hits the mixer board. Especially if I am using a distorted sound, the Line Recording jack will roll off highs around 6kHz.  
Cool, no problem!  
Now I am looking for a DIY circuit like the Hughes & Kettner Red Box ( view the specs )  
I found the Jensen transformer page which gives lots of schematics for a Speaker Out to Line Output DIY project. The schematic App note in question is the AS061 ( view the schem at ) and my question is:  
Can I use this schematic design to plug right into the speaker out jack, of my amp, and then the Line out, from the schematic, will plug into the snake box for the mixer?  
What the schematic does not show, is another jack at the input which I would like to tap right off of J1 to go to my speakers in my twin.  
Is this a safe thing to do without destroying my amp?  
Also, will this circuit suck tone from my original sound?  
Thank you,  
CJ Landry

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