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Anybody added reverb to their D'Clone...?

10/13/2000 7:22 AM
Steve A.
Anybody added reverb to their D'Clone...?
    This was brought up in a recent post so I thought I'd ask! The typical Fender reverb circuit squeezing all of the dry sound through the 3M3/10pF splitter would not do justice to the overdrive stages...  
    Several ideas have been suggested but has anybody gotten some good results yet?  
    One scheme suggested tapping the reverb input signal early in the circuit (like right after the volume control before CL2, or after the CL2 coupling cap) and then feeding the reverb signal back in right at the input to the PI.  
    FWIW I don't think that a decent OD section really needs reverb, but mixing in some reverbed clean signal might be interesting...   :)   Then again Mesa Boogie seems to be able to "reverberate" their OD signals just fine... (love that Maverick!)  
Steve Ahola
10/13/2000 3:48 PM
Matthew Springer

Yep, I've been wondering about this more than is healthy. (not that being an audiophile/amp nut is exactly a rational/healthy pasttime)  
I would agree about not needing reverb for the OD mode, but clean, I just need my spring reverb.  
Deos anybody have any idea how the 2 rocks or fuch audio amps are doing it (Obviuously, I don't want anybody givig away trade secrets, though).  
10/13/2000 5:18 PM
"The typical Fender reverb circuit squeezing all of the dry sound through the 3M3/10pF splitter would not do justice to the overdrive stages..."  
hmm, high pass at 5kHz...I don't have a clone, just an ODS channel in a Fender w/Reverb amp. I noticed that the Dumble Overdrive/Reverb amp didn't fare well in Bill Morgan's shootout 2000. In my case, it might be easier to implement reverb in the fx loop. Okay, here's an alternate question which Gil may be able to answer:  
Does Reverb in the fx loop sound better than the normal Fender paradigm?
10/14/2000 4:23 PM
Gil Ayan

For what it's worth, the Overdrive Reverb amp does not do the "Fender reverb" thing inside. I can't quite remember the circuit off the top of my head, but it taps the signal right after the tone stack and, with an isolation resistor, sends it to the reverb circuit. On the return side, I think wet and dry signal are mixed using a "Tweed mixer" type of circuit or something like that. This amp uses I believe 3 extra tubes... Never heard one.  
I do know that the FX loop of the D'clones works very well with a D-lator clone. However, some people use a BOSS RV-3 pedal in the loop, without anything else, and get good results. I have tried using my FX without the D-lator clone and the sound becomes a little chessier. But, the main problem is that you have to watch your master volume level (which is the FX send level from the amp, if you will), or else you may overdrive your FX. And with that comes the following problem: your FX box may not have enough gain to make the signal going back into the power amp strong enough for LOUD playing.  
People that use the RV-3 reported that the unit has enough dynamic range at the input to where you can make the amp as loud as you want without overdriving the box. I have never confirmed this though.  
10/14/2000 9:45 PM
Steve A.

    By "tweed mixer" you mean like the pair of 270k resistors that sum up the two channels in a 5F6A bassman?  
    The idea of having self-contained reverb in a modern amp... well, you can do so much more with a decent FX loop! Like patch in a nice plate reverb for sounds that you could never get out of a Fender...  
Steve Ahola
10/15/2000 1:19 AM

Well, on my Dumblesque combo I used a modified Blackface reverb. The Master volumes are before the reverb circuit. I used a 2M7/20pf combination for the reverb mix/split and left the cathode cap off of the reverb driver cathode (12AT7). It seems to work well for me. The drive in mine is a little more attenuated than most, but even with an overdrive pedal driving the overdrive ;) the reverb sound is great. Just my experience.  
10/15/2000 6:21 AM
Steve A.

    Thanks for your post! With the reverb tap after the master volumes, you are dealing with signal levels even hotter than line level (at least when the amp is cranked up).  
    So the 2M7/20pF goes right into the PI or do you use an extra gain stage to bring the signal level back up? Just wondering...  
Steve Ahola
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