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cutting a chassis

10/6/2000 4:01 AM
Joe Z.
cutting a chassis
What is the best way to cut the square hole needed to accomodate z mount trannys in a steel Hammond chassis? I'm leaning to take the chassis and have it cut somewhere, but if there is a simple pedestrian DIY way, I'm open to suggestions.  
BTW, after much diliberation, the next project is an AC30 clone. I ordered the trannies from ARS today, as well as sockets and chassis from Angela. No turning back now. Joe
10/6/2000 5:16 AM
Bryan James

Got access to a milling machine???  
(on a side note i got to play with one last weekend and you talk about doing those ieec power plug holes in no time... I want one)  
if not lay out the area on the chassis for the PT or anything else square you want to cut. draw out the square. next take a drill and drill the 4 corners (if you have round corners get the drill bit that matches the radius of the curve in the corner) then take a saw and cut from drill hole to drill hole. then file to clean the cuts and match the ends to the drill guides or to the point you like (you can use a dremel instead of fileing. i'd recomend it.)  
10/6/2000 12:33 PM

how much were the trannies?  
if you dont mind me askin of course :)  
im thinking of buyin some trannies from them
10/6/2000 2:36 PM
Joe Z.

Mod, PT-$150, OT-$90 and choke $30something.
10/6/2000 2:57 PM

thanks man!
10/8/2000 5:10 AM
Hey Joe,  
or other interested parties,  
What's the story on those trannies? I've been itchin' to get started on an AC30 clone myself but haven't brought myself to pull the trigger on buyng the trannies because I'm not sure what's best. Also, I see the Korg/Marshall made trannies can be had for reasonable prices but it always says "for reissues". Do you know if this is because the reissues are spec'ed or mounted differently?  
Check out the weberVST site. He's planing to offer the whole two-part chassis for about $80 w/ a board! I don't think you could beat that if you wanted to build one with the trem/vibe channel or wanted to copy the look. I e-mailed him about it and he says it could be a while before they're ready, though. It's tempting but I'm probably going to scratch the trem/vibe channel on mine for practicality's sake.  
10/9/2000 7:26 PM

Does ARS have a web site? I can't find one. If not, how about a phone #? Thanks.  
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