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trainwreck clone goes to a gig

9/17/2000 11:07 PM
trainwreck clone goes to a gig
Greetings, I'm taking my t'wreck out tonite for the first time I hope it sounds as good as what everyone says it should. I'll let everyone know later how it went. Thanks for the insperation. DonJ
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9/19/2000 11:22 AM

Well??!!??? How did it go? Be interesting in hearing the details of your build.  
9/19/2000 11:45 PM

Well lets see. I used a deluxe reverb PT and a deluxe reverb OT with the b+ rail per BFDR. Built pretty much as shown on the schematics with a few personal changes,ie. instead of a 150k resistor to ground for the 2nd gain stage grid I used a 250k pot for adjustabilty a 47pico farad tone cap a .0022 coupling cap between stages 6l6output tubes,instead of a 220uf cathode bypass a 22uf cap.input jack with 1meg to 68k per fender.Now to get to the tone Iused a 75 hard tail strat no pedals one 12" speaker by emminice beta .My inpression is this is one dynamic circut was able to control gain and clean sounde from my axe with just the vol control and the amp pretty much dimed wide open.My playing friends just went ohhhh where do I get one of those?!!!Well to be certain I might find my self building a few more for my buds.One great player friends of mine said well looks like you found the holy grail of tone.By the way it also sounds killer with my epi 335 with gibson humbuckers out of a les paul. To say the least I am very happy with amp as is. peace DonJ
9/20/2000 1:53 AM
So Don, which version of those at the Blue Guitar site did you use, assuming it was one from that site?
9/20/2000 10:37 AM

Patrick,I used the ver.1 from the blue guitar site. and I need to make a correction the 150k grid resistor is at the 3rd gain stage after the tone circut. DonJ
9/20/2000 10:41 AM

I messed up on my reply its early and i have'nt had my coffee i will reply after i get awake i am i lousy typer and have a hard time putting into words what think now wheres that coffee DonJ
9/27/2000 8:27 AM
Steve A.

    Have you tried your amp with Sovtek/EH 6V6's? Just wondering because you mentioned using DR iron...  
    BW had experimented with a pot instead of the fixed 150k grid load resistor for the 3rd stage... a 250k (audio?) pot should work great there! (Lots of posts mentioned using grid load resistors as low as 33k there; with your pot you can dial in whatever value you want!)  
    So what settings have you been using for that added pot (BW calls his a "focus" control).  
--Thanks for your posts and fill us in with the rest of the details!  
Steve Ahola

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