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Favourite Fender Master Volume Circuit

7/28/2000 10:28 AM
Favourite Fender Master Volume Circuit
Hi folks!  
Anyone got any favoured master volume circuits for a typical B/F Fender circuits. I've blackfaced my brother's Twin Reverb for him and he still wants a master volume (Booo!) - It's currently got that wierdo pull boost master volume rubbish that'll have to go.  
All suggestions are welcome!  
7/28/2000 12:01 PM

Try this:  
______ to power amp  
[ ]  
INPUT -------->[ ]  
from pre [ ]  
[ ]  
7/29/2000 12:27 AM
That looked cool, I must try it!
7/29/2000 10:51 AM

Er... thanks. Kinda like what's in there already that I'm trying to pull out and change, as per my original post.
7/31/2000 12:18 PM

It's slightly different; the MV that's already there has the output at the pot wiper, the MV I've posted has the input at the pot wiper - it's supposed to avoid the excessive brightness at low master volume settings that the stock MV has. Anyway it's very easy to do with minimum effort.  
PS. I don't like the post-PI MV in Fender or Marshall amps (I like it in VOX style amps - where there's no feedback loop), but that's just my opinion, as you can see on this thread many people like it.
7/31/2000 1:33 PM

Ok, it's dead easy to convert what's in there to your diagram. I'll try it and report back.  
7/28/2000 7:22 PM
Rick Erickson

"Anyone got any favoured master volume circuits for a typical B/F Fender circuits."
You might try the old dual 1M pot after the p/i trick.  
I put a couple of these in Plexi Marshals recently (no I didn't drill any holes) for the guitarists in a local band. They like them and say it retains the general character of the amp but allows them to turn the level down on stage. I used .047uF caps on both sides of the pot. (oops, I did drill four tiny holes in the terminal board to install flea-clip terminals for the extra two caps). On a Fender you could probably add a terminal strip held down by the eyelet board mount screw. If you want to get massive distortion you will either need to modify the preamp circuit or forger the MV and use a good distortion pedal. My preference is the pedal.  
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