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Re: Trip + Presence + Why Dumble's Way?

7/23/2000 6:45 PM
Re: Trip + Presence + Why Dumble's Way?
That's all I've used(poly), so I can't compare. Radio Shack has a 1ufd poly @ 200vdc for $0.99. Sounds good to me....Dave
7/14/2000 3:40 AM
Ed Rembold

Steve are you getting your Email?  
or perhaps I'm using the wrong address?  
Thanks, Ed R.
7/29/2000 2:42 PM

I've built a dumble clone and my presence control is as in the schematics ie 4k7 and 390R however, I coulnt get a 2K pot for the prescence control can I use a 4K7? will this work and does it require any changes elsewhere? also I have the feedback coming off the 16 ohm tap is this correct or will the 4ohm work better?  
at present the prescence control doesnt make much difference to the sound maybe ive wired it wrong.  
8/2/2000 12:48 AM

Hi again Shane, I ended up using a 5k pot, and even trying a 2k resistor soldered to the top lug and the other end to the bottom lug, not the middle lug, making the pot into a 2k pot. It did not make a lot of difference, but it works.  
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