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I over oredered the tolex...

6/13/2000 3:36 AM
I over oredered the tolex...
I have about two yards of the smooth blonde tolex left over. Yes, I over estimated what I needed. If anyone needs some email me. Otherwise, I will supply my future projects with it, I suppose.  
6/15/2000 6:28 AM
Steve Ahola
Re: doing corners with tolex...
    Now that you mention it maybe it was hide glue that Fender used for the tolex, too... I do remember that it *wasn't* something volatile like contact cement (but I don't think that the horses were overjoyed about!) Where are the archives when we need them...? :(  
Why dont people know what you're talking about when you say yellow glue?????  
     You say "yellow glue" and for some reason everybody over 40 thinks of "the yellow snow where the huskies go"... ;) from FZ, of course.  
Steve Ahola
6/15/2000 6:37 AM
Peter S

And the fur trapper, who was strictly from commercial?
6/21/2000 9:22 PM
I've recently been struggling with re-covering a sixties Marshall 4x12. Marshall themselves suggested using a spirit-based contact adhesive called Evo-Stik (now re-named 'Evil Stink' by myself). I actually suffered a migraine attack, complete with blind spots, flashing lights, and a headache that lasted two days. Definitely use good ventilation with that stuff!  
It's also amazing how much glue you get through. I've calculated that by the time I finish this project, the glue will have cost roughly the same as the vinyl. The fabric backing soaks up so much glue, and you have to cover both surfaces.
6/21/2000 9:26 PM
Peter S

That's why I use's non-toxic......easy to use.....doesnt stink or cause hardens up and makes the Tolex seem like it was molded onto the cabinet. The only drawback may never get it off again.  
Peter S
6/21/2000 10:38 PM

you'll get it off, maybe not without splintering the cabinet, YUCK! Me thinks if I ever need to remove the tolex that it will require a nice steaming first.  

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