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doing corners with tolex...

6/8/2000 7:25 PM
doing corners with tolex...
I have to say I finished retolexing my super reverb this past weekend and I have come to some conclusions.  
A) Corners are the hardest part! I wish they all had caps!  
B) Me thinks black tolex is probably more forgiving to minor mistakes than white is.  
I used titebond which worked perfectly.  
The smooth blonde tolex was not what I ordered (I ordered rough) but I had to wait a month for it and decided that it may not be a perfect cosmetic match with oxblood but it does look good anyway. The white knobs and a bizare brownface super reverb faceplate look fantastic. I can't wait to upload some finished pics in a month or two!  
6/10/2000 10:22 PM
Steve Ahola

    Is that the same as "white glue" used for wood (aka "PVA", I think)?  
Steve Ahola
6/11/2000 3:40 PM
Peter S

It's the yellow carpenter's glue, much stronger than white glue.....water resistant once setup.....this is absolutely the best glue I've found for gluing tolex....IMHO.  
6/11/2000 5:19 PM

Titebond is great stuff but takes a long time to tack down.  
It's also not my choice for Tweeds because all the water seems to leach through and discolor the good finish side.  
Corners are a bitch using anything less then good contact cement.  
A small can of good contact cement, a few solder brushes, a handfull of NEW single edged razor blades and an old hair dryer is paramount to covering cabs and getting nice tight mitered corners.  
6/11/2000 5:28 PM

Look over David's briefcase pictures and maybe it wil help too.  
6/12/2000 5:38 AM
Steve Ahola

    I've been using the yellow carpenters glue myself for woodworking projects for many years, but when you say "yellow glue" people don't know what the hell you are talking about... ;)  
    To reglue the black tolex back plates (with the material peeling off) I have been using contact cement, but I think that I'd pass out breathing the fumes if I tried to cover a whole cab that way. I believe I read here that PVA is what Fender used on their assembly line... those workers would have gotten a real buzz had they been using contact cement!  
Steve Ahola
6/12/2000 12:41 PM
Peter S

You bet! BZZZZ.......I dont know when Fender started using PVA, but I think they used hide glue for Tweeds. Why dont people know what you're talking about when you say yellow glue?????  

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