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Re: Wiring up EL84's

6/12/2000 5:15 PM
Re: Wiring up EL84's
I was told by an old TV service guy (who was a retired Aerospace Engineer BTW), that some of the NC tube points were used to fire the getters, when the tubes were evacuated in production. The getters (for those that don't know) are the elements that burn away the last drop of oxygen (hopefully) in a tube when it's made. This produces the silver/black marks inside the tube glass. The element (supposedly) no longer has any path left between the pins used to light it up, after being "flashed".
6/6/2000 6:40 AM
Bryan James

welp i want ahead and did that on my amp with el84.  
haven't noticed anything bad doing it. of course don't have another amp with el84 in it yet so don't have anything to base that on except i haven't let the smoke out and it sounds great  

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