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speaker recomendations for DIY 5E3?

6/4/2000 6:01 PM
Ricky speaker recomendations for DIY 5E3?
can someone recomend a good speaker for a diy 5E3? I want a good clean sound and a warm and fat sound when overdriven. anyone have experiences with this type of amp and what speakers sounds good with it?  
6/4/2000 6:16 PM

Try a Jensen P12Q type .  
I guess Weber does have that .  
The originals ( as far as I know ) did have a 8 ohms P12P or a P12Q speaker from Jensen .  
Sometimes a Celestion Vintage 30 speaker sounds good in an open backed cab with a low power amp ( less then 25 Watts ) . It's a matter of taste .  
Good luck !  
6/6/2000 7:00 AM
Ted Matsumura

Although the reference books all mention P12R and P12Q's were original, the dozen or so late 50s 5E3's I've seen with original speakers have all been P12R's. Could just be coincidence.  
I'd try listening to a P12R original, recone, reissue, or clone, low wattage alnico 8 ohm speakers, then try some variants, the Celestian Vintage 30 sounds good and can take much more power than the P12R, webervst has a lot of selections of re-issues and new designs at low prices. Mojotone or Mojo have some re-issues that some folks like with the 5E3 amps. There was a roundup in a GP issue a year ago or so, very interesting reading.
6/4/2000 9:12 PM
Lee M.

I've been thru a Mojo MP12R, Weber California 12, Mojo/Eminence V30, and Weber P12Q in mine. The P12Q was the clear winner and I liked the V30 better than the Cali 12. These amps were designed around Jensen Alnico speakers so it makes sense to stick with this type for an authentic sound.  
6/4/2000 10:31 PM
well, It currently has a Jensen P12N in it which i like, but want a boost in the mids.  
6/5/2000 1:27 PM

Want a fatter midrange, with a pretty 'woody' sounding tone... get the Jensen c12r... yes, it's ceramic, but it's really a decent sounding speaker. I use them in my 5e3 clones, which they do a pretty good job with the classic tones, and hold up well for more modern variations. Make sure you break the speaker in well first, but I think you'll be happy... and at $35 each from definitley worth the try.
6/8/2000 7:21 PM
Margaret Wilson

Try a Weber P12NQ. It's a hybrid -- a Q cone with an N voice coil and magnet. Very nice high end with a little more low end than the P12Q. Not nearly as dark as the P12N. It's very articulate, but it gets nice and fat, too. I have one of these in my Blues Jr and will keep this speaker long after the amp is gone.... :-)  
Incidentally, I see that Torres has a 5E3 kit. Anyone know if this would fit in the Blues Jr chassi/cab and still leave room for the P12NQ (without the magnet cover)? The chassis *just* touches the top edge of the magnet now, so the only problem I can foresee is if the transformers are much larger than those of the Blues Jr or if they're closer to the speaker.  

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