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"Vitamin Q caps"...

5/26/2000 12:32 PM
"Vitamin Q caps"...
I've recently picked up a bag of these Sprague "vitamin Q" caps in values that i can impliment into my homebrews...EI .022/.033/1mf/.68mf etc...are these caps ok for guitar amps? (they are NOS)
5/31/2000 6:20 PM
J Epstein

Yes, also they are somewhat sought after for vintage hifi restoration, nice score.  
6/2/2000 11:49 AM

Indeed, a nice score. Hifi part suppliers are charging around $20 ea (if I recall) for these. The hifi spin is that they sound too dark and smooth in preamplow voltage apps, but sound better as the voltage swing increases. Dr. Z says they really help his Rt.66, he uses paper in oil caps to couple the PI to the power tubes. I like them a lot myself.

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