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tweed champ w 6sj7 preamp

5/23/2000 2:43 AM
mark jones
tweed champ w 6sj7 preamp
Hi all,  
I was intrigued by a schematic on the fender amp database, the 5c1 champ... So I built a copy of this in a head version, I have to say this is one killer sounding amp. I could not believe how awesome it sounded the first time i fired it up, I built it entirely out of scrap parts on a cakepan chassis. with one big frankenstien looking knob for volume. I ran this amp through a marshall 2x12.
5/27/2000 8:21 AM

I think this goes for any Champ. I got a Sil-Face thru a Laney 2X12 with Celestions sounds killer. Kinda destroys the Apt. practice volume idea, but just sounds too good.  

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