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Re: Dumble Clone Parts: Trannies etc...

5/24/2000 9:00 PM
Re: Dumble Clone Parts: Trannies etc...
Wish I had more time to spend with the amp. The customer watched over me while I serviced it, and I didn't have the time I wanted/needed to really take the notes I'd wanted. I hope to see this amp again, as the customer wants to A/B with one of mine before a possible purchase. AF
5/25/2000 1:48 AM
Steve Ahola

The customer watched over me while I serviced it...  
    I see that you need to get a digital camera! Offer the customer plenty of coffee and when he has to use the bathroom, take a full set of pics of the inside of the amp. You may want to rig the bathroom door so that it can't open from the inside in case you need a few more minutes to document the amp properly...  
    BTW if you did measure dc voltage on the tone stack that would mean that one of the caps was leakingó right? The customer could either send his amp back to H.A.D. for repair (and wait 6 months to a year???), or he could authorize you to remove the silicone to make the repairs yourself... < grin >  
Steve Ahola
5/25/2000 3:46 PM
Ray Ivers
These MM Xfmrs are Still Available...
I talked to Norm Patinka at Schumacher Electric, and he says the 200-130 power xfmrs for the 130 and 150 watt MusicMan amps are still available - he quoted me $95 each for 1-5, $88 for 5 and up. He can probably supply all the other MM trannies as well. I'm asking him now to supply me specs for the 200-130 and a quote on upgrading the current from the LV winding. His E-mail is:  
P.S. Did you ever get up to Ken Volpe's place?
5/27/2000 6:45 AM

That's a lot of money for salvage transformers!  
I wonder if these are actually a limited production run and they don't really have many in stock?  
5/29/2000 2:54 AM
Ray Ivers
Music Man 150 watt Xfmr Specs
I got the feeling they don't have ANY in stock, and that was a 'fresh wind' price. If so, I think $95 is pretty cheap for a single unit. I was just grateful that any of these could be had, they're such weird transformers. Below are the specs Norm sent me:  
Primary 120v  
High Voltage Sec #1 Sil Voltage Doubler (F.W.) (2) 100mfd  
Brn- R/Y 710vdc @ .100a, 660vdc @ .275a  
Red- R/Y 440vdc@.275a  
Low Voltage Sec #2 org - yel- org  
Sil. Bridge (2) 150 mfd cap + - 42 V 0A 60V CT @ .1 RMS  
Filaments (2) 6.3V @ 6 A grn- grn/yel  
5/29/2000 6:56 PM

As an experiment, I bought a few surplus MM 50 watt OTs and paid $45.00 each for them.  
(Anybody want one?)  
Yes the PT are different design and that odd switching tap for low and high power is cool too.  
So, for a single new ++100watt PT, I guess $95.00 each is OK.  
I'm a little spoiled buying in larger quantities of PTs, OTs and chokes at about <60% of that price though.  
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