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Re:Last call for the "regulars"

9/22/2000 9:04 PM
thirdlegsblind69 Re:Last call for the "regulars"
just an opinion right foot wah, Switch on right, Knobs on left Hold guitar with right, bend turn knobs with left hand opposite with lefties AMBIDEXTRIOUS PUT SWITCHES AND KNOBS ON BOTH SIDES AND CHARGE EM DOUBLE hey hey
9/22/2000 10:11 PM

Oh sorry.  
Right foot, controls on right for me.  
Alternately, I guess the controls could be on top.
9/22/2000 10:52 PM
Sorry - things are nuts here.  
Years ago, my wife convinced me to go to an adult beginner's ballet class with her. If nothing else, it must have been fun for the instructors and other students to see me pondering around 8-)  
The first thing they had us do is to just run across the floor and then jump forward. This sounded downright silly to me, but we all did it. They were looking for which foot you jumped from, this being your "dominant" foot, similar to being right or left handed. The theory is that you're stronger with your dominant leg/foot, and can do your best jumps from there - which was mildly hilarious, considering the makeup of the class.  
Anyway, it's most common for people to have the dominant foot the same as their dominant hand, so that right handers should tend to jump from their right foot. I was cross dominant - I jumped from my left foot.  
What makes this semi-relevant is that I bet people tend to stand on their dominant leg and use their non-dominant leg to twiddle the wah and controls. for me, I play righty, use my right foot for wah, and stand on my left.  
The real crux of the problem for you is that you're looking for what most people want. I bet the statistics aren't enough different to make it valuable to be only righty or lefty.  
I do have a wah from an unknown Japanese company that sounds horrible, but is the best *looking* wah I've ever seen. The pedal is an elongated symmetrical trapezoid, with the skinny part near the heel of the pedal and the wide part at the toe. This sits on the centerline of a flat chrome box, a bit wider than the the width of the toe part of the pedal. There are two stomp switches, one to either side of the skinny heel section. Your toe can get to either one easily, the heel section keeps you from crunching them both at the same time, and the heel section is high enough that you don't hit the stomp switches when rocking the pedal. Works great.  
I guess if it sounded good, I'd actually use it instead of just looking at it. 8-)  
My best advice is to figure out some way to not make it righty or lefty - make it either symmetrical or changeable. I know that's hard to do mechanically, but it's the real win in human factors.
9/28/2000 12:43 AM
Ed Rembold
Re:Thankyou to All.
Thanks for taking the time to respond to my questions. Someday somethings going to come from all the effort!  
Thanks , Ed R.

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