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Re: Vol/Wah pedal users- Which foot?

9/21/2000 5:18 AM
Ed Rembold
Re: Vol/Wah pedal users- Which foot?
Please mention your preferance to "optional"  
stomp switch/knob positioning-  
right or left side of the foot-pedal.  
I almost forgot- I'm right handed, and play  
right handed, but Wah/volume with the left foot.  
and I'm thinking I like "switches" on the left side.  
but I'm not sure- which is why I got curious  
in the first place.  
thanks, Ed R.
9/21/2000 11:51 AM
JD Sleep

I rock with my right foot, my wah and volume are on the right side of my pedal board. Knobs would work best for me on the right side of the pedal and all input/output/power jacks should be on the right side as well. Foot switches would work best for me directly in front of the "heel" position of the rocker pedal.  
9/21/2000 2:16 PM
Petri Junno
I'm right handed and I play right handed but when I play I mostly concentrate on what my left hand is fretting. I wah with both of my feet but maybe more whith my right (Maybe I'm braindead or something).  
I think I use mostly right foot when I'm standing but when I'm sitting it does not matter that much.  
I think I would prefer the switch on the left side because when sitting I could use the rocker with my right foot and the switch with my left...  
PS. Why do you want to know? If you build something for yourself it's your preference that matters.
9/21/2000 3:28 PM
John Greene

I use my right foot.  
The position of the controls is not an easy answer because if they are on the right side, it's easier to adjust them with your right hand. If they are on the left side, they are easier to see. I would say as a preference, the left side would be better because of being able to see the position of the knobs and suffer with have to twist my hand to tweak them.  
9/21/2000 8:18 PM

I use whatever foot is closest.  
I've got a Shin-ei surf/wah/hurricane/siren pedal that's setup is perfect for me:  
The on/off switch is in front of the rocker portion. The knobs are on the right side, but that doesn't really affect anything. The input and output jacks are at the very front of the unit. It's just a little bit bigger than a standard crybaby.
9/21/2000 8:48 PM

Make the internal components modular (except the main pot) and put a dummy backplate on the side of the pedal that is not in use, that way people could choose on their own.  
Sure the knobs would be backward when you switched sides, or wait, maybe they wouldn't. Crap. Brain fry..  
9/22/2000 8:25 PM
Ed Rembold
Re:Last call for the "regulars"
First of all, thanks to All who posted!  
Very helpful- many good points!  
I don't want to name, Names- But a very large group  
of regular long-timers didn't post.  
This is a polite last call for- R.G. Gus, GFR,  
Aron, Doug, the Hammer, Etc. etc.  
Thanks, Ed R.

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