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Vol/Wah pedal users- Which foot?

9/20/2000 10:20 PM
Ed Rembold
Vol/Wah pedal users- Which foot?
Hey Guys,  
Which foot do you guys use, to work either your  
wah and/or volume pedal with?  
And IF your Wah or Vol. pedal were to have  
accessory knobs/stomp switch on "top" of it,  
would you want the "knobs" on the "right" of the foot pedal (like the Digitech Whammy)  
or on the "left" of the foot pedal (Fulltone  
DejaVibe II). Comments Please.  
Thanks Ed R.
9/20/2000 10:30 PM

Interesting question Ed.  
I am right handed and use my right foot (I guess I'm right footed also). If there was a knob on one side I think I would like it on the right (I had a rotovibe for a short while and had no problem using it's knob, which was on its right, with my foot.  
9/20/2000 10:38 PM
Eric H

Ed, I use my left-foot, when I use one pedal (though I'm right-handed) and a switch might be better on the left, but I could deal with either side. I sometimes use as many as 4 rockers, when I play free-improvised guitar --works better when I'm sitting :) .  
9/21/2000 12:21 AM

Are you a right side thinker or a left side thinker.... In other words when you play, like a right hander which hand do you concentrate on the most?? I am right handed and concentrate mostly on what my right hand is picking more so than where my left is holding.. So with all this i USED TO PLAY left footed but I am a right side thinker, switched to my right now I have much better control..This is all hogwash I know but it works..
9/21/2000 2:23 AM

I have equal results with either foot. I'm lazy, so which ever foot is nearest the pedal at the time I want to use it gets the honor.  
9/21/2000 12:41 AM

I use my right footfor my wah pedal...i think i'd rather have the switches and knobs on the right side too (I'm right handed/footed, left brained?!?) I've got definately more control with my right I do sometimes use my left for the hell of it. Unfortunately the switch that I put in myself which toggles between wah and whammy is where teh AC adapter was (left side) that's a little tricky to flip sometimes.  
9/21/2000 2:41 AM
I have tried, but I just can't wah with my left foot. I guess I'm right footed.

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