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Orange Squeezer

9/18/2000 8:30 PM
Felipe Orange Squeezer
is this compressor good?  
I need to know cause I want to make one and have to decide. I want to begin making it next weekend.  
My choices are the Dynacomp, the Orange Squeezer and Craig Andertonīs (with a replacement for the CLM6000)
9/18/2000 9:33 PM

>is this compressor good?  
YES, YES, YES!!!! It is my favorite - but you have to like Jeff "Skunk" Baxter - (Steely Dan) who used it live, straight into a board I think. Lee Ritenour who never went anywhere without it in the early days.  
I love it and would never sell it.  
Then there are the "other guys" :-)  
The Dynacomp users.... They love their pedal too! I never owned one but I do have a finished board awaiting a box. I don't remember liking it as much as the Orange Squeezer but this was way back in the 80's!  
Never tried Anderton's one.
9/18/2000 9:54 PM

Does your Orange Squeezer distort at high input signals. When I strum the strings hard I get minor distortion that I am unable to eliminate. Was just wondering if you had the same problem...  
9/18/2000 11:24 PM

I will check. I don't remember this, but you never know...
9/19/2000 10:09 AM

I built one last year and it distorts like yours. Never had the time to debug it. Suggestions, anyone?
9/30/2000 1:01 AM

I just tried it. Sorry for the delay.  
No, there is no distortion. At first I thought there was, but I realized it was distorting the input of another pedal.  
I took my guitar and OS and put it straight into the board. I banged on the strings with a Kinman pickup and Super Distortion pickup. Both crunched down and didn't have distortion. If there was distortion there, it's incredibly minor that it doesn't really make a difference.
9/30/2000 2:12 PM

Thanks for the reply, Aron. I tried increasing the value of the trimpot, which seemed to ever so slightly reduce distortion, but not enough. Maybe I should try some different JFETS. I'll recheck my opamp biasing too.  
In other news, I've been experimenting a lot with both mosfets and 3knob tone controls. Haven't come up with anything too original or fantastic, but I'm having a lot of fun!  
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