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Cascaded Minibooster Layout on JD's site

9/14/2000 3:16 PM
Mark Vitek
Cascaded Minibooster Layout on JD's site
I have a copule questions regarding the parts layout for this circuit:  
(1) I'm assuming that the pad marked "A" on the PCB  
layout is connected from the middle pin of pot R1?  
(2) J1 is supposed to be there? (when I hook up J1  
the circuit ceases working)  
(3) hot pin of output jack goes to middle pin of  
pot R2?  
9/16/2000 6:36 PM
Mark Vitek

Never did get the circuit to work properly - the first minibooster worked (what a beautiful little circuit - now I see why so many pedals use this a a starting point), but the second just sounded weak and broken up.


So here is what I did:


* Wired the output jack directly to the middle pin of the first pot, effectively bypassing the second minibooster in the circuit.
* Wired the hot pin of what used to be the input jack directly to what used to be the output jack of an MXR Microamp circuit.
* Put the circuits into a 1509BB painted with gold Rustoleum "Hammered Finish" paint.
* (Incidentally these two circuits were built off of PCBs made using the drafting mylar technique that was discussed earlier here - my first actual self-made PCBs and both of them worked - gotta love success on the first try...)


The finished product sounds pretty good if you don't dime both knobs at once.


I replaced one of my two Voodoo Lab Overdrives with this little gem (the other one will probably be replaced by another Minibooster variant soon).


So, anyone want to buy two used Voodoo Lab Overdrives, a Korg 104 Overdrive, and a Vintage Rat reissue?  


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