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Newbie help..................

9/10/2000 8:14 PM
Newbie help..................
I've got a problem with my Big Muff Reissue,I bought it new about 4 weeks ago and was very pleased with it until this morning when I switched it on and everything went silent!  
I've checked everything in my setup and tried the Muff on it's own,I've tried an adapter as well as batteries and still nothing.  
Although I don't build fx myself I do have some basic electronics understanding and equipment and would like to know if anybody has any ideas of what it may be?  
Are there any common problems with the Muff that a newbie would'nt know?  
Any help anyone can give me would be very cool:)  
9/10/2000 9:04 PM
basic things most likely to cause such a problem would be the battery leads or adapter connections shorting out or becomming disconnected, take the case of and check those connections first. If that does not solve it check the jack connections have not shorted out or become disconnected from the board.  
also this page may help you
9/11/2000 11:45 AM

If its 4 weeks old, take it back to the shop you bought it from. Most FX come with some sort of warrenty.  
If you open it up and start messing about with it you will invalidate any warrenty you have.  
I'm sorry for this post not being in the "DIY" frame of mind.. etc.. but if after 4 wks its faulty, get it replaced.

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