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more blending

8/30/2000 10:57 PM
more blending
I had an interesting idea. I wanted to try and split the signal of the guitar into 2 paths. The one path would be clean, the other into diodes to ground. The 2 paths would be mixed together and then sent to the usual output stages/tone etc...  
My thinking would be that turning the pot to one side would be a completely clean signal. Turning it the other way would start sending the clean signal to the diodes and would act as a combination clean/distorted mix. It would also be a drive control.  
So it looks like this:  
op amp->wiper of pot  
pot lugA->voltage divider->mixer  
pot lugB->hi pass filter->diodes->mixer  
mixer is a FET output stage->tone control.  
First off, the FET never really gets clean enough - I thought I could fix the op amp gain stage and then pad down the clean signal to the mixer etc...  
It kind of works.  
As you can hear in the sample:  
The blend pot has problems with taper. In addition, I don't know if I like the sound of the clean guitar AND distortion at the same time.  
The distortion path needs a lowpass filter after the diodes - they add too much highs.  
Maybe someone else can work with this idea.  
Let me know if you do.... comments???  
BTW: The crackly distortion on one section (peaks) are MP3 artifacts. There was no such glitch on recording. This continued even after reducing levels by 10%!
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8/30/2000 11:25 PM

Try this instead:  
Put a 50k linear pot in series w/ the diodes (to control how much signal reaches the clipping diodes.) This usually has the same effect as mixing clean/clipped signal only usually sounds better.  
Op amp-|----->out  
> 50kL set up as variable resistor  
diodes to ground  
8/31/2000 12:15 AM

Yes, I have done this in the past. It's in my simple mods page.  
Perhaps it is the same, I'm not sure....
8/31/2000 12:00 AM

Hi, How about using two pots? One to control  
the clean level, and the other for the dirt  
level. Then you could mix the desired amount  
of sounds together. Something Like spliting the guitar into two channels on a mixing console.  
8/31/2000 12:18 AM

Yes, I could do that.  
I was trying to be clever, by using one pot for drive and balance, it not only controlled the blend of the two, but the drive simultaneously. It works, just that it needs a lot more work.  
If I used two pots, then I would need a 3rd for drive.  
8/31/2000 1:15 AM

o.k, how about:  
buffer >>balance control  
channel a fixed gain clean  
channel b fixed gain dirt  
1 Pot would still control balance and drive.  
Would this work?  
8/31/2000 7:37 AM
Hemmo P.

"buffer >>balance control"
Is the balance control wired so that wiper´s at gnd and poth signals are connected to end lugs and mixed w/10k resistors? This is my suggestion  
Hemmo P.

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