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Re: Shaka HV - R.G.?? - voltage tripler/quad

8/23/2000 3:03 AM
Re: Shaka HV - R.G.?? - voltage tripler/quad
It's just the garden variety 555 timer chip, made by every maker of linear IC's. Radio Shack and other places all have it.
8/23/2000 5:11 AM

Are you going to do manually what those other voltage converters do automaticallly. I've seen tripling examples but they all produce negative voltage instead.  
All of the chips do positive doubling which I guess is pretty good for a single chip.
8/22/2000 8:30 PM

Both Linear and National make step up/charge pump DC-DC convertors that will run off a 9v battery (as well as Intersil (7662, can double the input voltage but can't provide large current requirements)). Look at LT1026 (+/-20v), LT1054, etc. I don't know if they make anything that will give you an output voltage of 36v w/ suitable amperage output from a 9v battery though. I'm sure R.G. will work his magic again and come up w/ something that will run a 100w tube amp head off a watch battery. ;)
8/22/2000 11:19 PM
Re: Shaka HV
Aron you can use an LM7824 circuit after the power supply to drop and reg the voltage to 24V. You would need an Input filter cap an output filter cap and I would add a load resistor to to "pull" > 20ma so it starts to reg well. The 5V reg(LM7805) works better at >100ma. 24v/.02A =R min power rating = 24v x .02A
8/22/2000 11:27 PM

Thanks Gus!  
Figure 4 of:  
Shows an adjustable output regulator 7 to 30 volts!!!  
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