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BF245 as substitute for a MPF102?

8/5/2000 1:04 PM
TPD BF245 as substitute for a MPF102?
Can I use a BF245 as a substitute for a MPF102? This transistors are used in a preamplifier, but MPF102's are hard to get, so the shop assistent gave me those BF245. I looked to and compared those two types, and they have some differences, so I don't know if I could use them.
8/5/2000 4:43 PM
Mark Vitek

Where are you located?  
If you are near one, I've seen MPF102's in  
most Radio Shack stores...
8/6/2000 1:33 PM
I have used bf245 and itīs has worked ok in preamplifier circuits, but I have newer used mpf102 so i donīt know if it is better for that kind of purpose...  

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