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8/4/2000 8:13 PM
I'm planning to build a lpb2 but cannot source a 2n5088. Can any other transistors be used or are there any sources of them in the UK
8/4/2000 10:32 PM
BC549 should work.
8/5/2000 12:22 AM
Ed Rembold

I agree with R.G. but the 2N5089's are quieter at max gain than the BC549.  
Ed R.
8/7/2000 1:08 AM

I'd agree with Ed, BC549's are very noisy at high gains. If you can't get a hold of the 5088/5089's try 2N3904's. Much quieter than BC549's (unless you can get a hold of BC549C, which apparently are low noise - how much lower in noise to a BC549B is anyones guess).
8/5/2000 12:43 AM
supplys of things in the uk are getting worse! I went into maplin to get some parts for a fuzz face and i was told that they no longer stock capacitors and they have to order them in! Rarely used ic's i could understand having to order but capacitors? Maplin was a major electronics superstore last time i checked...
8/5/2000 1:10 PM
Maplin gets MBA Disease
I would say that this is another outbreak of Mad Cow Disease, but it hits our retailers as well. 8-)  
The MBA's do a little dance where they figure out the profit per unit of time per dollar (pounds in your case, but the sentiment is the same) invested in stock, and only the things that return above a certain level of money per time stay there. Something that stays on the shelf too long is viewed as a loser just like something that can't be sold for enough profit. This only discomfits the customers who want the "loser" items.  
Unfortunately, that is us. Ninety nine of every one hundred people wouldn't know a capacitor from a kumquat.  
"Electronics store" has changed meaning over the last couple of decades to mean a store that sells already built equipment, phones, TV's, and so on. We, the electronics builders are fewer than we ever were, proportionately, and through either benevolent neglect or sheer malevolence, business practices in general are conspiring to squeeze us out entirely.  
I'm genuinely sorry to hear this about Maplin. I dug through a couple of Maplin outlets when I was in the UK on business, and it was a great place. I wished our Radio Shacks could be like it. Sadly, it looks like Radio Shack has taught Maplin, rather than the other way round.
8/5/2000 5:54 PM

Its seems to me that this is the way everything is going in electronics today, this is my first project on common components and i've had trouble finding anything other than resistors and capacitors.Maplin may be overpriced, but the only place we had  
I was thinking of building a fuzz face, but the best deal available on ac128 was 41(60-70 dollars) for fifty, but with only some being useful it gets expensive.  
This hasn't disuaded me though, I still really want to build pedals with my own hands. Are there any tips on finding tough to source components, or is it just blind luck.

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