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Marshall Speaker Simulator

8/3/2000 4:40 PM
Snopy Marshall Speaker Simulator
I'm an absolut beginner, so this question may sound a little bit funny, but I really want to know, which effect this circuit has. What am I doing with it? Can I put it in front of my amp-input, or is it for something else, like an input of a hifi-system. I measured a voltage about 4V at the output of the circuit, wouldn't it destroy my amp?
8/3/2000 6:46 PM
i could be wrong here but from what i understand of it you put it in between, your guitar and amp and it makes your guitar sound amp sound like a marshall amp does. (dont kill me if i am wrong :) )  
4v does seem very high compared with what comes out of a guitar, im not sure what it would do to your amp though, id wait untill one of these nice people who know a lot more than i do about these sorts of things tells you before plugging that into your amp  
Its one of the ones that i want to build when i have some time so let me know how good it is  
good luck with it!
8/3/2000 7:10 PM
That's what I wanted to say: The amp should sound like an Marshall amplifier. I'm afraid to put it in between of my guitar and my amp, because 4V are really high, I don't want to kill my amp :-)  
But I put it in between of my guitar and hifi, and it sounds really nice.
8/3/2000 8:35 PM
thats a impressive circuit for a beginner if its the same one i am thinking of!  
Whats the address for the schematic?  
If it sounds like a marshall through your stereo it will sound slightly different throught your amp because the amp will colour your sound as well, so you will get a marshall+you amp sound, id still un easy plugging a voltage that big into my amp.  
What is the voltage coming out from it if you plug your guitar into it and turn the volume on the guitar down so you get a smaller output?
8/3/2000 8:52 PM

This circuit is for placing at the end of your pedals or guitar and for going direct into a mixer or stereo system.  
Hmmm... about the 4V, there should be capacitor at the end of the circuit to block DC coming out.  
If you had a relatively "flat" speaker system like the ones that the sansamp guys make, you could use this to feed those cabs and I bet it would sound pretty good.
8/4/2000 2:18 AM

Im building it too!!!  
Its intended to send a line level signal to connect it on the aux of your stereo system, to a mixing desk or even that nice line in jack on your computer sound card, so you can record. And if you combine it with mixing software like Cubase or Cakewalk youre surely have fun...
8/4/2000 12:15 PM

I can vouch for this circuit. I breadboarded it and played with it for some time-I still intend to build it. It's a great little circuit for direct recording. Just need a stompbox and this, plug it into your mixer and it really has a great sound. It smooths out your direct stompbox tone and gives it the EQ of a 4x10 or 4x12 cabinet with a bass resonance and treble peak. Perfect for late night recording sessions with headphones, when you don't want to wake anyone up.  

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