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Carlings bad...?

7/21/2000 2:31 AM
Carlings bad...?
I just got about 10 Carlings in and right off the bat, 2 are bad I believe.  
I am not putting too much heat on them. I believe they are bad because when I press the switch it doesn't make contact well and if I press the plastic base on the side, it will make contact.  
They are acting similar to those ones from MCM.  
BTW: These are the batch from Sovtek - brand new.  
I will try fooling around with them a little more.  
7/21/2000 4:13 AM
Ed Rembold

Do they say "Mexico" in silver letters on the side?  
those have been no good for me.  
Ed R.
7/21/2000 4:28 AM
Ed Guidry

I've noticed the switch act a bit funny too, I just thought it was me. My soldering has gotten much better with my 3rd working pedal (I wasn't bad before, but there's a higher level of detail from working on fender point-to-point and then going to pcb's) but I'm sure I didn't overheat anything.
7/21/2000 12:10 PM

This switch situation is getting depressing. I was hoping my "newer" MCMs would be better-bought 'em a few months ago. They seem even worse-I replaced the switch on my sweet thing and it was bad right out of the bag. I guess I would feel worse if I had forked over the $$ for the Carlings, but still, that was the route I was gonna go next.  
I used to use those little junky plastic switches from Radio Shaft a long time ago. You couldn't step on them too hard, but I never had one fail. That may be an alternative for now. "Heavy-dutiness" isn't as much of an issue for me, it would just be nice to have a switch that actually worked...  
7/21/2000 12:24 PM

Didn't Z VEX post that you have to switch the switch many times to clean out the grease that is inside it from the contacts. Aron do your have the 6 contacts out the bottom? I like the one that has the contacts on 3 sides.
7/21/2000 1:58 PM
Eric H

Ed, I've been wondering if you, gus, or anyone else has taken one apart and compared it with a good old one.  
It wouldn't hurt to mail a bunch of complaints.  
Steve Daniels' home-brewed solution looks better all the time to me.  
7/21/2000 2:46 PM

I've had a few Dunlop wahs in recently that had bad switches in them. "made in Mexico" -the mark of quality!
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