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Parametric EQ

7/17/2000 9:59 PM
Bill Parametric EQ
I'd like to try adding RG's 2 stage parametric EQ in place of the insanities tone section. Can it handle the output from such a high gain device?
7/18/2000 1:10 AM
Ed Rembold

It depends on Where you plan to put the tone controls. For one thing the Insanity needs a buffer  
after the 4049/4069/. then a 1M/1M voltage  
divider, then your tone controls. (thats what I did)  
No pedal I have yet built is as transparent  
as the insanity. And by Transparent, I mean a  
Strat sounds like a strat, an LP like an LP, and  
even pickup combo switching sounds different.  
Like with the Hot Fuzz, or BMP, my guitars all sound the same! and the IB has So much gain I can turn my volume (on the guitars) all the way down to 2, then it's clean- Talk about pinky swells!  
Not an easy build or an easy tune up, but worth it.
7/18/2000 3:02 AM
Re: Parametric EQ - Ed, I am still waiting!
I should point out that Ed has a great Insanity. It's not the version on my web site. He has done work and it promises to be very good. I hope to be able to see the schematic at some point.  
Trade with the Bigger Muff schematic? :-)
7/18/2000 3:37 AM
Ed Rembold

You know what Aron,  
I would've sent it to you long ago, Come to think  
of it, I Did!  
It has been through So many small changes.  
I want to try 1 more thing- Doug's ST tone control.  
I'll then put All my notes together and draw up a  
new schem. and I'll trade ya. Deal?  
gimme at least till the weekend.  
Thanks, Ed R.
7/19/2000 2:52 AM
Bill Re: Parametric EQ
I plan on putting the EQ right after the booster section. Anything I should know about coupling them together?
7/19/2000 3:56 PM
Ed Rembold

Which booster section?  
Ed R.
7/19/2000 5:41 PM
Sorry. Right after the Fet booster where the existing tone section is. Swap the EQ for the existing tone section.

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