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wiring 3PST Rotary Switch. help please

7/13/2000 6:30 PM
wiring 3PST Rotary Switch. help please
i got one of these from mouser for a pedal that doesn't work (pt. # 10WW033). its got 3 sets of four leads. i just assumed that each set was identical and wired up one and left the other two untouched. but, i just looked in one of my boutique amps that uses the same switch for the speaker ohms selector and one set is jumpered to the other identical set leaving only one set untouched. is there a reason to do this? I was wondering if i was missing something on how this switch works  
thanks for your help!
7/13/2000 8:23 PM

I'm not sure how it works but a little testing with the continuity checker of your multimeter should tell you what's going on.  
7/13/2000 9:40 PM

yeah, i did that, thanks though. it seemed to me from the meter that the 3 position rotary switch had 3 sets of 4 identical leads. i thought maybe i missed something when my pedal didn't work and i saw my amp had the exact same switch and used jumpers to connect 2 sets together.  
anyone know for sure?  
7/13/2000 11:07 PM

What you find from some rotary switches is that they have more positions than what you use them for. i.e. You might buy a DP6T switch, however you can adjust it to less than 6 positions. To do this, theres usually a washer around the shaft with a a notch on it. Changing the position of this changes how many positions the switch has.  
As for why your amp uses two sets of contacts it could be that either it's because of the current needed to be switched or that it's got something to do with the way they're impedence selection works  

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