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Wah With Germanium Fuzz

7/8/2000 3:14 PM
ET Zeppy
Wah With Germanium Fuzz
I hope this isn't too basic for this board. I've been having a tough time getting a decent wah sound in conjunction with any germanium based fuzz. While the fuzz is on, the wah has almost no effect on the sound. I've been told this is a common problem but haven't been offered any real solutions. I know Hendrix, Clapton, Page, Beck, and others managed to crank out some great wah sounds with germanum fuzz in the mix.  
I'm not looking to build anything, but I figured you guys would have a better understanding of the problem and possible solutions.  
7/8/2000 6:06 PM

Keith, You might want to read this article: For some reason, I remember the 50K pot in the input as the "fix" for a wah. However, upon re-reading the article, I can't find any reference to wahs. Aron
7/10/2000 3:49 AM
ET Zeppy

Thanks for the help Aron and Jen. I see from the Fulltone '69 schematic that the bias control is nothing more than a 50K pot on the input. Would it be feasible to build an external bias knob to plug into the input of a Fuzz Face?  
I'm actually using the Fulltone Soul-Bender, which is a clone of the Sola-Sound ToneBender. Any idea if the same thing would work on it. I haven't been able to find a schematic to compare the differences. This pedal is too expensive to tear into.  
7/10/2000 11:25 AM
I think the problem is that the wah can only drive high impedance input (maybe something like over 100kohm) when doing its thing... Guitar amps and most fx have high impedance inputs (usually 100kohm - 10Mohm). Some fuzzes (Fuzzface and some other transistor fuzzes) are exeptions. They have low input impedance.  
The Fulltone 69 style biaspot is one thing you can do to make it work, or you can build buffer amplifier after the wah. This can be implemented in various ways (transistor, jfet or opamp based voltage follower). Jack Orman had few good jfet based designs on his AMZ site some time ago but they are not there anymore...  
-Petri Junno
7/8/2000 6:11 PM

I just built a fulltone 69 clone, the schem. is available at geo's site. That circuit has a bias pot that is supposed to help, at least partly, with that problem. I can't offer you any explanation, but you might be able to wring some understanding out of the schem.... The more experienced people here might be able to shed some light on this though :-)  
7/8/2000 6:26 PM
It seems I found the schem on lazyfinger nor Geo (or maybe both...)  
here it is:  
On the bottom there is a short comment on that 50k bias pot.  
7/8/2000 7:48 PM

Funny how things get around the internet, I drew that picture a few years back...the info at the bottom of the page is right out of the 69 pedal user manual.  

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