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New Dano mini pedals, Hows the flange?

7/6/2000 5:45 PM
New Dano mini pedals, Hows the flange?
Has any one out there tried the new Dano mini flanger? I was wondering if its a good sounding usable pedal versus a Boss flanger? Thanks.
7/6/2000 8:56 PM
I don't have any experience with the Dano, but if you are looking for something in the price range of the Boss, I have a suggestion.  
I picked up a Rolls/RFX Vibraflange a while back for $45 and it is pretty damn good. You probably have never heard of the company, but I guess they are owned by the founder of DOD. They have a website somewhere...  
Anyway, I also have the purple Boss BF-2. I think it really sucks by comparison. People on HC tend to rave about it, but I think it's weak and inflexible.  
The Vibraflange is really cool because of a detune mode. Very eerie and melancholy. Even better there are some 3 internal trims that allow for some really, really far out sounds.  
The Boss is of higher build quality for sure, but the RFX sounds so much better (though it kills tone in bypass).  
You're unlikely to see one, but if you do it's definitely worth a test drive.  
I don't know why I still keep the Boss- I don't endorse it at all.  
7/7/2000 3:15 AM

The flanger was my favorite pedal of them all, but I didn't try the tremolo (which I heard is good).  
7/10/2000 5:52 AM
the dano flange is a cool pedal.  
one of the better ones in the line, i think.  
most of the dano mini pedals are not bad especialy for under fifty bucks.  
i like boss bf-2 also but i think it's a better chorus and vibrato than a flanger.  
it doesn't have the jet sweep of something like an electric mistress but it's cool.  
the cure use it on every song.
7/10/2000 9:23 PM

Hi guys, i'm in Eastern Canada for the month of July and haven't written yet while i'm out here.  
But I bought a Dano Flange about a month or two ago, and I am really enjoying it...I actually brought it out here with me. There are a whole range of effects and noises possible with it.  
shimmering Vibratto, a slight chorus, big flange sounds, and even some Alien tones with all three knobs maxed! You should try getting continuous feedback with the guitar, and just play around with the knobs while you feedback...some really cool options here.  
I think I'll get the dano tremolo when i get back home...  
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