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Neutron schem/layout differences.

6/30/2000 2:04 AM
Neutron schem/layout differences.
i put my neutron together and it doesn't work. w/ the effect on, i get no wha effect, only a slight eq diffence. gain knob works, but everything else doesn't do much. i was worried about CJ's dual LDR being in wrong, but i checked it and its wired right and reading 1.8v w/ the + being on the correct (left) side. i checked all the wireing over and over and its all right w/ the layout. i went to the the schematic in the instructions and started noticeing small differences which leads me to think this is the problem. for example:  
the schem has (4) 22k resistors while the layout has (3)  
1/2 of the up/down switch on the schematic just shorts the wire, but on the layout it switch's it to a diffent part of the board  
maybe im missing something though. the only other thing that worried me is that i have nothing wired to the bypass of the board, since i did it tru bypass, but i can't see why that would matter  
thanks for your help,  
6/30/2000 3:40 AM

That board's been built a number of times and seems to work OK. I'll look at the instructions, schematic and board and see if there's a problem - I've never claimed to be perfect.  
If we can't get it running for you remotely, every GEO product comes with a mail-it-in-and-it-WILL-work guarantee.  
I suspect that there's a wiring, soldering or parts problem. Non-working first time pedals almost always are.
6/30/2000 7:16 PM

thanks r.g. let me know if you find out what the differences are all about that i mentioned. maybe everyone has been building them from the schematic whereas i just followed the layout. or maybe, im missing something when i read the schem. let me know either way if you can  
7/1/2000 3:31 AM

I built one of the proto types for RG when he first put this out. I followed the layout and got nice results. I used LED's and LDR's for the opto's. I was trying to dig up my copy of the layout and schematic to see if it had the same errors you mentioned but can't seem to find them (it's been a few years).  

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