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Winboard Full Version?

6/23/2000 5:36 AM
Winboard Full Version?
Can anyone send me the full version of WinBoard?  
6/23/2000 11:42 AM
Steve Daniels (Small Bear Electronics)

I'm not trying to be difficult; just discussing realities. WinBoard is a copyrighted, licensed piece of software. Unless someone gives/sells you the CD and wipes the program from their own machine, they are stealing IVEX's property. I can offer two suggestions:  
1. As I said earlier, a 200-pin version of WinBoard cost me less than $30, and more pins can be bought if you need them. I notice that my WinBoard CD says that IVEX will give you 20 extra pins just for registering the product with them.  
2. Someone else here may have a suggestion for an evaluation version of a layout package that isn't pin-limited. If you find such, though, I would still pay the developer's license fee. As R. Heinlein was wont to say: "TANSTAAFL--There ain't no such thing as a free lunch."
6/23/2000 2:03 PM
Daniel R. Haney

"Can anyone send me the full version of WinBoard?"
Nope. Illegality aside, if someone paid $$$ for a full version, I don't think they would give it away for free.  
Many PCB CAD software packages are available in a limited freeware version. Ivex is only one.  
EAGLE ( is another.  
If you've never used a schematic capture and circuit board layout CAD program, you are in for a slow startup. Expect to spend a month of lunch hours getting the hang of _any_ PCB CAD application. It's worse than using Microsoft Word.  
6/23/2000 3:57 PM
Go download the *free* version of Easytrax from Protel's web site. They offer it free, it works, it's not pin limited, and it's more than capable of doing the things effects people need. All of the stuff at GEO is laid out with Easytrax.  
Protel encourages free use and downloads of this. It's not illegal *or* immoral.  
It does not do autorouting, but then autorouting is worthless for analog circuits anyway. I know, I've tried it, and I'm not a beginner with this stuff.
6/23/2000 4:01 PM

Thanks RG, maybe I'll give EasyTrax a go. Is it easy to print out?
7/9/2000 9:02 PM
Re: Easytrax -$500 pcb prog for free!
I agree 100%. And it really DID sell for $500 when it first came out. Does drill files and all!  
Protel's program is DOS based, but it does professional quality pcb artwork, and frankly, it runs as fast or faster than all the Windows-based softs I've tried. There is a guy in Australia who also offers some "add-ons" that allow you to modify the files and adds surface-mount capability for those of you who can see well enough to solder the stuff without getting migraines. The add-ons allow you to vary track widths in 1 mil increments (i.e., don't like 30 or 50? change it to 43 mils.  
You can also add octagonal pads.  
BTW, you can edit and MAKE your own components, which is a real plus for those of us who don't really care for tiny pads and skinny traces, which just make PCB layouts unreliable. I have made up my own library of components I tend to use, my own DIP footprints, and so on. The site in Australia has several libraries they made up (including the SMT).  
The Aussie site is from a PCB maufacturer named RCS or something similar. Bob wrote his own version of docs for Easytrax which is "bloody funny" if I do say so myself. He also has some hints about how to design boards that are manufacturable and repairable.  
Email me or post if you have trouble finding it. I've still got the link around here somewhere.  
7/9/2000 11:48 PM

You can get easy trax from RCS here.  

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