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How to start a fire with your muff fuzz

6/19/2000 12:36 AM
anonymous How to start a fire with your muff fuzz
Yes, you, too, can create flames with a muff fuzz!  
Simply attempt to sub in a potentiometer for R2, and there you have it- fire!  
Seriously, this just happened to me. Instead of messing around with different res. values, I figured a pot would be much quicker.  
I connected the wiper to ground, and one of the lugs burst into small flames (not sure which). I cut the power and it went out.  
No one was hurt. No parts were damaged. The circuit still works fine.  
I was using a 100k pot, and it was turned to one of its extremes. I don't know if this was full on or no resistance.  
So... can anybody tell me why this happened?  
6/19/2000 12:44 AM

You've obviously had a lot of current going through the pot (maybe the resistance was smaller than the resistor you were subing it with which caused more current than normal)  
Pots usually can't stand too much current, I think they're power ratings are only about 1 watt  
Do you have a diagram of how you connected it?  
6/19/2000 1:36 AM
I never thought of too little resistance as being dangerous. Makes sense, of course.  
I guess that's it. I'll know better next time.
6/19/2000 1:41 PM
paul perry

If it makes you feel better, I've acidentally connected a 100k pot across the rails & had it smoke when hard over at one end, and centre connected to earth. Pretty suprising to see a red glow coming out of a pot.

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