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6/6/2000 3:43 PM
Ed Guidry
Noticed in my mouser catalog, there were some caps near the polyesters, some polystyrenes. At a quick glance, they seemed to be in the appropriate values for the same purposes as polyesters, they didn't seem to be any more expensive than polyesters, just wondering if these are appropriate for use in stompbox circuits, as far as tone and size.
6/6/2000 3:56 PM
Polystyrene are the Cadillac of capactors. They're great if you can get the right ratings and afford them. They're a little bigger, rating for rating, than polyester, and don't come in as large a capacitance rating.
6/6/2000 4:17 PM
Ed Guidry

I think I'll try them in my next project. I think the good thing about DIY is that it does not cost a whole lot more to go with good parts, compared to a high-end manufacturer such as Boss, DOD, etc. When you crank out 20,000 pedals at a time, I am sure you look for cost savings everywhere you can.
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