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Re: Any interest???

6/3/2000 1:24 AM
Re: Any interest???
"Even if the item is a "best seller", recovering the investment takes a while. I have had this lesson seriously hammered home since bringing out the WM."
Ah, but the WM PCB's were very nicely done indeed. I wish I could afford the economy of scale to do things in 100's.  
I've done PCB layout as part of my job in my checkered past, so I can do pretty well with them. I can also do prototypes with toner transfer one at a time, and when that's correct, print it.
6/3/2000 1:58 AM
Steve Daniels (Small Bear Electronics)

Picking the vendor, Advanced Printed Circuits, in Aurora, CO, was one of the things I did right; it was the decision to make a lot of boards that was itself shaky. In a certain sense, I couldn't afford to do what I did; financially, I'll be a while paying off the investment in the company from profits. But the money is small in the scheme of things since Small Bear is not a pay-the-rent business, the experience has been fascinating and very educational already and promises to get more so. I have been having a fine time.  
6/3/2000 2:06 AM

Yeah, APC is good, I've used them on some more commercial work.  
"the experience has been fascinating and very educational already and promises to get more so. I have been having a fine time."
That's what it's about, after all.
6/3/2000 1:22 AM
PCB's and quantities
I'll still make PCB's available as I mentioned.  
I have a lucky circumstance with a friend in the industry that lets me get non-fancy boards (that is, single sided, no solder mask, no screen printing, etc.) printed just a few at a time, so my minimum quantity is much lower than is generally possible. I'll generally make an RTS board for things I think will sell at least a half dozen boards. I don't quite break even there, but I don't get hurt badly enough to quit doing it yet.  
I'm lucky that I haven't guessed all that wrong with boards yet. Also that I haven't had to throw many etched batches away. There have been a couple, but I'm trying to forget those 8-)
6/2/2000 7:00 PM
anonymous Re: Any interest???
shoot i can't even download the right size pcb's unless there measured out the way mr.orman posts his pcb's and i'm lucky to do that i'm hoping RG. makes some sb3's and other pcb's cause i'm ready to buy
6/3/2000 1:28 AM
PCB's on the way
I've ordered more Neo-Vibes, FTM Fuzzes, Shaka Brada 3's, and a batch of the new Hot Fuzz Pro.  
As to the download printing, sizing downloads was always a problem whenever I tried it, too. I sidestepped the problem. All the downloads will be PDF files, and if printed with the PDF reader, the size will come out correct, no fiddling.  
You will have to have access to a laser printer, though.
6/2/2000 11:28 PM
Re: Any interest???
I would love this, particularly for more complicated stuff like a Univibe. I use PCB layouts as a pattern for hardwiring (like 3ms's CBCB only on masonite not cardboard). What arrangement would you use for payment, particularly from out of the US (I'm from Canada)?  
If you do this would you consider a ready to print mirror image of the layout as well?
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