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Any interest???

6/2/2000 1:29 PM
Any interest???
I'm thinking of setting up a scheme where people can download PCB layouts for a modest fee, say between $3 and $5, and print them and the instruction manuals for the effects. This would allow instant access to toner patterns, and would encourage me to put more layouts on line. I have something approaching a hundred layouts that I've done at one time or another for which I've not written up the instructions for one reason or another.  
Effectively, each fee would be for a license to print one toner transfer pattern, even more than once, for your personal use. Commercial sales would be prohibited, or, more realistically, a commercial license would cost a bit more.  
This would make a largish number of layouts available for experimenters, and make for easy - and fast! - access.  
So - what do you think? Replies here or at my email address are welcome.
6/2/2000 2:14 PM

Shore, I'd be down wit dat. I think I've more or less tapped out the nice schematic/parts list/PCB packages at JD's site. I'm not skilled enough to make my own PCBs unless it's just 3 or 4 parts . . . Also it would be a way of compensating you for your time. $3-5 is not bad at all considering the amount of money the builder saves from buying a manufactured stomp box from the local music store, not to mention we could build as many as we wanted once we got the schem/PCB.
6/2/2000 2:15 PM

R.G. I can't speak for others, but the idea wouldn't work for me...I'd rather pay you twice or triple or four times the price you mention if I could get a ready to solder pcb.  
I'm actually still waiting for you to finish aron's tonebender hot fuzz pcb so I can order a bunch of pcb's.  
Don't get me wrong, I love this new hobby, building pedals, but etching my own pcb's is something I'm not very happy to plunge into right just seems alot of hassle.  
I just finished Steve's Wild Mouse project and it was a blast, having a pcb, it's really much nicer to work with than perfboard IMO, but now I have two toner transfers for the Bear Face and don't feel much like buying etching fluid, copper clad boards etc and start jerking around.  
I'd rather learn what components do and don't at this moment than starting to mess around with chemicals etc.  
Just my two cents...I'm sure one day I'll be happy to make my own pcb's.  
Buying pcb's is just a nice option to have for beginners such as me.  
6/2/2000 3:22 PM

Yeh... what he said!
6/3/2000 1:16 AM
There'd still be RTS PCB's too...
I didn't mean I'd quit making PCB's available - just that if someone wanted a toner transfer  
!!right now!!  
they could just log in download and print it to toner transfer paper on their printer.  
Folks who want a hard PCB could still get them by snail mail.
6/2/2000 4:23 PM
Re: Any interest???
I agree with Peter on this one. I'm getting pretty decent on doing PCB layouts myself, and if for some reason I couldn't get a decent layout, I'd be more inclined to spend $15-20 for a RTS board. But, on the flip side, I do remember you mentioning that it takes quantity to be able to provide RTS boards. So, I might use it a couple times if there's an obscure circuit I can't do a layout for that doesn't have an RTS board.  
Geez, almost a hundred layouts? Just how many guitar circuits have you built?!? :)
6/2/2000 5:19 PM
Steve Daniels (Small Bear Electronics)

The economics of providing RTS boards is tough. Master Keen is probably good enough to come up with a pattern and go straight to production without prototyping; myself, I have to see a prototype first and then do a production run. All in all, I need to have at least 100 boards made for the unit cost to be reasonable. Even if the item is a "best seller", recovering the investment takes a while. I have had this lesson seriously hammered home since bringing out the WM.  
R.G.: I hope that your idea takes off!
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